Programs And Details

SEWING TECHNIQUES AND PATTERN MAKING Entails the art of cloth making, from start to finish, making sewing patterns in various forms and designs. Student learn to sew to fit and the skill of manouvering fabrics to achieve different desired goals. The complete course outline is divided into 2 classes :

FEMALE CLOTHING: This package comes in 5modules teaching all the fundamentals of female clothing creation. Courses include pattern drafting, sewing techniques. At the end of the programme, student can handle all kind of female wear, as topics are treated extensively.

DURATION – 6months TUITION – N 240 000 TIME – 9am – 2pm (mon-fri)

MEN’S WEAR :- This package entail the learning of professional techniques of sewing and pattern drafting of men’s coperate wear. The package includes men’s suit. blazer, jacket, pants, waist coat, shirts and tie. DURATION – 6months TUITION – N180 000 TIME – 9am – 2pm (mon-fri)

Part Time Programme DURATION : 1year TUITION : N240 000 TIME : 10am – 4pm (saturdays only)

​ CORPORATE CLASS ; Shirts/ Jackets/ Pants This training covers creating various styles of corporate wears. DURATION : 6weeks COST : N80 000 ​​

COMPUTER AIDED PATTERN MAKING COURSE Learn to make patterns with CAD. On this course you will learn to digitize your paper patterns. As students are being introduced to illustrator, brushing through the basic pattern making principles, we learn to create and modify your blocks with illustrator. This course is for students with atleast little of pattern drafting or cutting skills.

DURATION : 80hours SESSIONS : 25-30sessions COST : N60 000

FASHION ILLUSTRATION COURSE The Fashion Illustration and Portfolio Development course is designed to build students fashion drawing and illustration skills, using various rendering medium. Students will learn how to find inspiration and build their design ideas. As an online course, student will study instruction materias, improving the skill of drawing with lots of practice.

Students will learn techniques for illustrating design details to improve their fashion illustration skills and also learn how to professionally layout a portfolio, using techniques to enhance the design’s impact, communicate a design theme or story and create a flow.

Through the course, you will complete practical assignments, that will help you develop and apply your new design and styling skills. By completing these practical assignments, we are able to assess your level of competency. Students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of proficiency in Fashion Illustration.

TOPIC AREAS COVERED Creating Fashion Stories Colour Scheme Using fashion figure templates/croqui Understanding the fashion figure proportion Using various rendering techniques and materials Mixed media techniques to create visually stunning presentations Using watercolour pencils, gouache and watercolour paints, pantone, marker pens, graphite and mores Creating different illustration styles Shading garments on the body Rendering fabrics Portfolio layout and presentation

DURATION :80 hrs SESSIONS : 25-30sessions COST : N60 000

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