The Fashion Designer

The art of designing fashion had evolved over the years, as it’s said that fashion clothing was predominantly designed on made-to-measure basis. Outfits were designed for individuals, sewn to fit, and aesthetically finished to soothe a client, and made only on request. This design type is called HAUTE COUTURE, it’s usually high-quality, time-consuming due to the extreme attention to detail and finish. Considering the time consumed and high standards in production, the outfits were therefore expensive, and hence a streamlined market, and this wasn’t bringing-in much profit for designers.

In the 19th century fashion evolved, Charles Fredrick Worth who is considered the first fashion designer to have his label sewn into designs that he created. He defined a Fashion Designer, and made a differentiation from the tailor or seamstress. The term couturier was indeed created to describe him. Many design houses followed his lead, they began hiring artists to sketch or paint designs for garments(illustrating fashion). Fashion illustrations were displayed or shown to clients that might be interested, which was more cheaper than producing an actual sample.

Charles Fredrick Worth, an English fashion designer of the 19th century, whose works were produced in Paris. He is widely considered the father of Haute Couture.

Now I am wondering the “should-be” qualities of a Fashion Designer…… #jes thinking Here’s a list of essential qualities to be called a Fashion Designer.. High creative capacity- Fashion as an art requires the ability to visualize concepts, to create new styles, and recreate existing styles. The essence of fashion is creativity, to make a mark in the industry as you will be competing with contemporary fashion creators, you can only stand a chance by continually finding and exploring inspirations.


A beautiful illustration.

. Originality- Dare to be different, standout in style. The only way to be different from every other designer is being original. There’s something that characterize your ideas, believe in yourself and express what’s inside of you as they come.

. Good communication of designs through illustration- How would you put down those ideas that fill your head? How do you intend expressing your imaginations to a customer? Have you had the experience of loosing ideas because you didn’t put them down…….. How do you intend communicating your fashion ideas to your customers? Lastly you want a seamstress bring your ideas to reality, how would you communicate it to them? You can only explore, and recreate only ideas you put down. A fashion designer must be able to draw. Must!

. Good understanding of fabric types and textures- Understanding fabric types helps in style creation. Print patterns, skin, stripes etc determines what style is good to be sewn with it. Fabric texture is also to be considered, for instance a drape can not be made from a thick cotton fabric, a soft and silky fabric drapes better.

. Good use of colors- A designer must have a good sense of color, colors that compliment or contrast depending on what look you intend to create.

A beautiful color palette. . Understands the fashion figure proportion- Yes! It’s compulsory you understand the human physique, after all this is what you intend to style. A good illustration can’t be done without understanding the curves and bend, direction of folds at joints etc. Visualizing a style alone isn’t enough but how it will sit on the wearer.

. At least a bit on Pattern making skills and sewing techniques- If just a little, but I would advice a detailed knowledge of actualizing your ideas, no one can represent your concepts better than you. Recreation even happens when sewing, if you can’t sew then you miss out on this further opportunity.

. Entrepreneurial skill- For a success in the career, an understanding of the business world is essential, from financing, to sales and marketing. It’s essential for business sustainability and to make profit.

. Knowledge of current fashion trend- Why create a concept that’s out of place, people are more likely to invest in the fashion trend of the moment.

Let’s note too that a tailor or seamstress isn’t a Fashion Designer except she has the above listed qualities and a Fashion Designer doesn’t have to be a tailor. The designer is the thinker, a fashion creator, an innovator of style, a trend analyst, a painter, an ARTIST, they are the brand owners.

You do not require a Bachelor Degree to be a fashion designer, the art for some individuals is innate, and would just require a bit of polishing. The skill can also be learnt by studying, practice and observation, you can as we’ll take a short term fashion design program for detailed mentoring. Checkout  You will find a course that soothes you

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